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As a member of company, I am glad to work and live with you, I believe we will have a good time.
Oregen has a team full of passion and ideal, persuing innovation and improvement.
Innovation is the power which keeps us developing forever. We take part in science and technology application, expand Enterprise survival space, keep us competitive. The grand development space provide the best profession platform for staff.
We devote to train professional managers, and we have a strong team with talents who are good at managing and operating. This is the most precious asset.
We provide sustainable development chances and space for staff, try to create an environment of fair competition. Only if you think things over and work hard, learn modestly, improve constantly, you would be treated fairly. More importantly, being eager to learn is the factor of being successful.
The consciousness of team and intense sense of work are essential to us. You can make full use of your intelligence and ability in a team, then achieve more. Based on our company’s common  goal and image, we encourage you to have your own character and find a wide development space.
We advocate a healthy and colorful life, to make friends with colleague who cherish the same ideals and follow the same path, a healthy body, an open mind, optimistic attitude are the value that money could not take place.
Rome was not bulit in a day. Time and hard work are necessary for a difficult or important task. We hope you to be a steady man. If you want to increase benefit and treatment, focus on working leads to success, because Practice makes perfect.  With the rapid development of science in modern society, even through you want to know and do more , it’s useless that you are not good at them. You should take any work in your hand seriously, and gain experience from them. Give a systematic, analytic opinion and advice instead of hasty suggest which is  irresponsible of you and waste others’ time, especially the new comer should be modest. Analysis practical situation deeply and in detail, find the way to solve the problem in the process, and do it steadily.
We expect you to join us to grow in such a harmonious, ideal environment full of passion and intelligence.
Thanks for your contribution to our company.

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