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A tour for investigation of Wudang Mountain on June
Publisher:admin  Date:2012-06-25 9:22:04  Click:2505

In China "middle needs rise", Wuhan want to be national Center City, on June 20, 2012, inveited by "Hubei Province Shiyan Shennong Wudang medicine technology park" Chairman Yu Feng and "Wudang mountain tourism development limited" Chairman Wang Maoguo,Oregen group President  Jiamin Teng, Manager Wang, and chairman Zeng went to Shiyan and Wudang to have an investigation for 3 days, which lay the foundation for our company’s development in hubei besides wuhan , while seeking cooperation partners.

Hubei medical college Shennong Wudang medical technology park is made of "medicine production and processing Garden" "technology and Research Park" "Chinese herbal medicine trade Park," "tertiary service Park" "Shennong Wudang baicao Garden" these five major sections. A total investment is ¥500 million. Expected benefit objectives: extend to plant 1 million acres Chinese herbal medicine, transfer rural labor force of 100,000 people, provide 20,000 job positions in cities and towns, every year plant nearly 30 varieties medicine (80 acres of Taxus nurseries, gastrodia tuer, Salvia miltiorrhiza,etc. Chinese herbal medicine processing, trade, pharmaceutical manufacturing, total value of output reached ¥10 billion. Shennong Wudang science and Technology Park, hoping to build Shiyan into "the Wudang medicine Valley" with extensive influence throughout the country and around the world, make project park into medicinal Botanical Garden, tourist sightseeing Park, teaching Demonstration Garden, forming one-stop chain of production, teaching and research.

Oregen group's visit exactly exults president Yu and others, because they also are seeking partner with an international vision and platform ,with whom work together to make Hubei medical college Shennong Wudang medical technology park bigger and stronger , made it the largest herbal medicine in China, the strongest Chinese herbal medicine base in the world. And this idea corresponds to predident Teng’s aspirations, both have the same concept, and resource complementarities, after constant communication, Exchange and consultations, soon in a pleasant atmosphere the two sides reached and signed "Shennong Wudang medicine science and Technology Park strategic cooperation agreement". Agreement includes: (1) to create "China Wudang Sun City " (2)cooperate to build "overseas Chinese herbal planting base" and so on.

Because time is tight,we chat with Hubei Province Wudang tourism development company limited a little, but still come to a mutual agerrment in " joint operation of schools ", to create "International Elite Extension Union ", to push Wudang air and spirit to the world, both sides expect more cooperation.

Even though time is tight, we have a great harvest. Natural resources,beautiful environment, traditional culture, magic Taoist in Shiyan and Wudan, which keep harmonious development. We have confidence in our negotiation, at the process of middle needs rise, we can take full advantage of each strengths and resources to make our signing agreeent successful. Each siade will have a rapid development, Oregen and Shennong Wudang will soon be renowned brand.

  President Jiamin Teng come to Wudang mountain Shiyan Ren He Health Medical Center for academic exchange

Oregen leaderships have a group photo taken with Shennong Wudang medical technology park leaders to mark the occasion

  Oregen leaderships visit Chinese herbal medicine base accompying by Shennong Wudang medical technology park leaders

  Oregen leaderships visit Wudang farmer

  Oregen leaderships chat with Hubei Province Wudang tourism development company limited

  Oregen signs agreement with Shennong Wudang medical technology park

  President Jiamin Teng talked with President Yufeng, Shennong Wudang medical technology park

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