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President Jiamin Teng visits Macau
Publisher:admin  Date:2012-07-30 10:11:41  Click:2724
In May 2012, Oregen, LLC, USA cooperated with Australia O-Reynolds international investment limited and and Hong Kong, Oregen, LLC, USA(Macau) was established. At the end of July,2012, the company respectively had Preliminary negotiations with Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute and Zhuhai National Hi-tech Industry Development Zone. Both sides were qualified for further cooperation and prepared to begin working together at an appropriate time. At the same time, the company also collabrated with Hong Kong voyage education group、Macau He Xin cordy ceps nest limited and other local compines.
With the open and development of Oregen group, based in Macau, the company will establish a bridge head for opening up EU market, meanwhile, make cooperation Projects with Zhuhai National Hi-tech Industry Development Zone and Hengqin island development zone.

 President Jiamin Teng (middle)、company General Manager, Xie Heping (second from the right) and Zhuhai national high-tech development zone Director, Dr Fan Tuoyuan (first from the right) and other leaders discussed together about cooperation and startup,etc.
 President Jiamin Teng (middle)、 company General Manager, Xie Heping(first from the left) hold trade in Macau talks with Macao Trade and Investment Promotion insititute Commissioner, Yan Jiaxi (first from the right)

 President Jiamin Teng(second from the left) discussed matters concerned with international elite education union project. and established a strategic cooperative partnership with Hong Kong voyage education group. President, Dr Teng Jiamin(second from the left), headmaster, Cai Haiying(third from the left)

Group photo:   President Jiamin Teng(middle)、Oregen, LLC,USA (Macau) General Manager, Xie Heping(first from the right)、Macau He Xin cordy ceps nest limitedPresident, Yuan Mingyao (first from the left)

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