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The 102th Pathology Annual Conference of the United States and Canada
Publisher:admin  Date:2013-03-07 14:59:48  Click:2362

The 102th Pathology Annual Conference of the United States and Canada was held from March 1, 2013 to March 8 at Baltimore Convention Center in the United States. More than ten thousand experts from the USA, Canada, and other countries around the world have been invited to attend the conference. President Jiamin Teng, as the leader of the research team on organ in vitro survival and organ regeneration system, has been invited to make a speech at the renal pathology session.

President Jiamin Teng , made a speech on the study of pathological kidney in vitro rehabilitation and regeneration, concluding research achievements of kidney in vitro survival and in vitro rehabilitation of pathological kidney  for recent years, showing the model of in vitro regenerative organ. The speech caused a sensation and won high praise of the audience.

Baltimore Convention Center in the United States

Experts from the USA, Canada and other countries attending the conference

photo for all professors from medical college of Louisiana state university at the conference

President Jiamin Teng made a speech at the conference.

President Jiamin Teng  introduced his research achievements and applications.

photo for Tongji overseas Alumni at the conference

President Jiamin Teng  talked with several American companies and reached cooperation intention.

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