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Our company reaches a primary intent of long-term cooperation with Tongji medical college
Publisher:admin  Date:2013-04-11 16:19:33  Click:2291

At the beginning of April, 2013, President Jiamin Teng visited Dr. Li he and Dr. Wu xiongwen, dean and deputy dean of Tongji medical college of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. They had a broad and in-depth exchange on long-term cooperation. Meanwhile, Dean Li delivered Tongji talents to the research center in the US, meeting our urgent need.

As the director of Qiu Fazu medical educational foundation, president Jiamin Teng keeps a close relation with key laboratory of organ transplantation of alma mater.


Jiamin Teng and Dean Li he
Jiamin Teng and deputy dean Wu xiongwen

key lab of Tongji medical college



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