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President Jiamin Teng visits new-appointed leadership of Tongji Medical College
Publisher:admin  Date:2013-05-15 11:03:18  Click:1681

In May, President Jiamin Teng, also the board director of Tongji alumni association, entrusted by Lanjin Zhang, president of Tongji medical college overseas alumni association, visited Yongjian Xu, new secretary and Jihong Liu, new deputy dean of Tongji Medical College.

Doctor Jiamin Teng introduced long-term close cooperative ties between Tongji medical college overseas alumni association and alma mater, and conveyed regards from overseas alumni association. The new leadership fully affirmed the outstanding contribution of overseas alumni association, and expressed the target of searching mode of educational special zone in order to maximize advantages and specialty of the college.

During the period in Wuhan, Doctor Jiamin Teng visited Yinghan Chen, Outstanding contribution award winner and former office director of overseas alumni association. Meanwhile, as the initiator of English Competition of Tongji medical college for graduate students, Doctor Jiamin Teng exchanged his opinions on its organization and content with Zhongmin Liu, principal of the competition and Min Zhou, one of the student organizers.

With the opportunity of this visiting, Doctor Jiamin Teng communicated with school of basic medicine, Tongji hospital and pathology department on further cooperation and reached a consensus on many aspects.


Doctor Jiamin Teng and new leadership of Tongji medical college


Doctor Jiamin Teng and Professor Yinghan Chen


Pofessor Yinghan Chen, Zhongmin Liu, Doctor Jiamin Teng and the student


Doctor Jiamin Teng and leadership of Tongji pathology department


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