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Our company’s project is transformed from animal model for research on chronic renal pathology, our team is guided by Dr Jiamin Teng , American professor, Oregen chief scientist. Since 2006 Dr Teng bulit the Lab on his own, in-vitro animal model for research on chronic renal pathology kept improving, inventing based on prolong the time of organ’s survival to 96 hours or over. Nearly a century of human organ transplantation, the preservation of organ in vitro has been work on cold preservation. With the development of science, At normal temperature or temperature status human organs survival system appeared. Especially recent years, with bionic level of medical devices conatant improving, the dream that human organ living in vitro for a long time will come true. The technology of this project, the contribution Jiamin Teng Lab makes on human medical, is in the world’s leading state.
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